Dear property managers next to Disney, this statement is not meant to imply you are not doing the best job you can given today's circumstances.


Your Job is stressful & thankless

We know you need to have the homes ready for guests arrival, answer any concerns guests have during their stay, maintain each home to the highest standard, deliver bad news to owners if something in their home needs to be repaired, updated or replaced so the owner gets the 5 star review they need to show a profit & pay the bills.


Traffic Congestion is your newest problem

Since 2020 over 1,000 people per Day have been moving to Florida from other parts of the Country, your Days have either gotten longer or you've had to cut back on services or you're charging your owners for the hours of dead time you sit in traffic congestion to make a living. You didn't get into this business to disapoint.


You have to be more efficient to compete!

This message isn't just to you, many of the other 246 property managers working the Disney area are already on board condensing the area they specialize in. Stop going across town to change a smoke detector battery or unplug a toilet, be the expert of your area and get the 5 star reviews your home owners want while spending less time sitting in traffic.

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We have over 30 Years Combined Experience Selling Homes Next to Disney

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Short Term Rental 101
Quacky Facts


Whenever there is a Walmart next to the neighborhood avoid buying there.


We want only cash buyers, mortgage buyers are a pain in the buttocks


If your wife bites people you need to keep her on a leash or license her.

Occupancy Tax

The State of Florida wants to tax you if you occupy it.

Busy Season

Is when a lot of people pay a premium price to stand in the cue with their screaming kids full of other sweaty families waiting for a ride at Disney in the middle of the Summer, if you paid too much and everyone looks hot and miserable it's probably the busy season.

IRS Clearance

Foreign National home sellers should have paid more in property taxes than the American home owner but they don't because the IRS loves to bully average American tax payers.

Extra Fees

I think Tony G should charge his students extra fees if he has to pick up pickle balls.

Short Term Experts

I am a short term expert because I have a short term memory.

Property Management

I want these bastards to make monthly payments to me.


Home insurance companies should be burnt to the ground without a policy in place.

Top Resorts

I wished Jane would resort to not hitting me with the pickle ball when we play against each other.

County Taxes

Illegal immigrants can ignore this tax like all other taxes, please move about the Country as you will and the Government will have the newest i phone waiting for you when you check in.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals talk badly about Americans but oddly enough they want to live here in will pay dearly to do so.

UK Buyers

UK buyers and sellers call each other wankers, if you don't know what a wanker is watch Ted Lasso


Only a moron born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth would invest in a condo-tel. Let me see, the condo-tel people up front tell the so-called savvy investor they will get 10% of the purchase price split into 12 months every year, so if they buy a $400k condo-tel they will get $40k / 12 months which equals $3,333.33 a month. they also boldly tell the so-called investor they ( the management ) will also hold 4% of the purchase price in escrow for repairs and furniture replacement done every 4 years, so now it's $24,000 / 12 equals $2,000 a month. The Condo-tel HOA is $670 a month, $2,000 minus $670 equals $1,330.00 a month. So if this so-called savvy investor puts 50% down out of mommy and daddy's trust fund they set up for spanky the mortgage payment for $200k is $1,398.00.. oh oh minus $68, oh yes there is property taxes that will be around $5k a year based on the sales price and cleaning fees the Condo-tel management will charge for each exit cleaning and that will probably be 20- 30 charges per year. Oh yes there is a monthly property management fee as well, some have a CDD that are added to the property taxes usually around $1,500 annually. Most condo-tel management companies charge guests a resort fee of $17.50 a Day so guests and owners can use the pool and park their car, I'm sure there are some other fees I'm not aware of and the icing on the cake is the owner can only use the condo max 15 Days a year and not during the busy season. It's too bad us average people are not savvy investors, when it's time to sell good luck!

Home Sellers pay attention! The way Real Estate has been sold is changing July 31st 2024.

On July 31st 2024 the way Real Estate has been sold for decades will change drastically and only the true Real Estate experts & professionals will survive.  Jane & Alan look forward to this change, they’ve  been selling homes near Disney since 2004 and are the True Real Estate Experts next to the Mouse.  When August 1st 2024 hits and the new rules of selling Real Estate becomes law, those cool misleading adverts and social media posts from agents with little or no knowledge of the areas they say they are the experts in won’t be enough to survive. The LaFrances welcome these changes with open arms because over the past 20+ years they’ve invested in themselves  to better sell your home well before you thought about selling it.  

This is a Nation Wide Law in affect August 1st 2024

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Orlando's Top Resorts

Orlando has 36 Home Vacation Resorts and Technically they are not in Orlando, they are located in Kissimmee, Davenport and Clermont inside the 20 mile radius that short term rental for vacation homes are allowed.

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