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Top Questions Asked by 2nd Home Buyers Near Disney World

Emerald Island Resort

Short Term Rental 101
Quick Facts


There is only a select area near Disney World that allows Short Term Rental.


We know the best type of mortgage you should apply for short term rental home purposes and we have solid contacts if you need to talk to someone.


A short term rental home needs to be licensed, 1st year is a $250 fee and only a $50 fee to renew every year after. We can help.

Occupancy Tax

The State of Florida requires short term rental owners or their property managers to collect a 7% occupancy tax ( or rooms and board tax ) from the vacationers when they take a booking, this is not an expense to the owner.

Busy Season

The busiest rental time of the year prior to COVID was the Summer time, post COVID its been busy all of the time.

IRS Clearance

Foreign National home sellers will have 15% of the sales price held for a period of time ( usually 3 months ) while the IRS checks to be sure all US taxes have been paid. If you paid your taxes the whole 15% will be released. We will help when you list your home with us.

Extra Fees

Zillow and other home search engines do not post some CDD fees that certain resorts charge owners, only a small # of resorts have a CDD, we know which ones they are and the cost related to that resort.

Short Term Experts

There are many residential Realtors who claim they are the area experts on the internet but in the short term rental arena you now know more than they do.

Property Management

There are over 200 property management companies that serve the Disney area.


Home insurance with an umbtrella policy for short term rental is needed but the cost is not much more than a regular policy, we have a solid agent to talk to.

Top Resorts

If you took a Day to search the internet you might find 50+ resorts near Disney, we only recommend 18 for various and what we think are good reasons. Do not buy in the wrong one.

County Taxes

The County where the short term rental home is located guests are also required to pay a County occupancy tax, in Osceola County which is closest to Disney the tax is 6%, in Polk County which is next to the closest it is 5%. This is not an expense to the owner.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign National home buyers need to open up a US bank account with as little a $100, to open the account all you need is to show your passport ID. Before or after you've made an offer that has been accepted you must apply for a Tax ID before going home. It's a short application, we can help.

UK Buyers

UK buyers and sellers need to understand the America Real Estate Sales system, it is a co-broke system, most of our UK buyers love it, 1 agent can show and sell any home in Florida at no cost to the buyers. Most of our UK sellers also love our system, 1 agent posting their home on the Realtor's MLS ( on-line Multiple Listing System ) where hundreds of other agents get the home's details and shares it with their buyers to produce the best offer.


Many buyers get misled on the internet thinking a condo-tel is a condo, you do not own a condo-tel, we do not recommend condo-tels even though we would be paid dearly selling one.

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