Making 2nd Home Owners Near Disney Sleep Better When Away

Home Watch Service

A simple service for a simple price

What We Do?

You will sleep better when away not worrying about your home near Disney World. We promise!

We walk your home every 5-9 days to make sure everything is fine.

Every visit we will take a random picture to show you we stopped.

Email you the picture with a short note letting you know everything was ok.

If we see a problem we will take a picture of it, if it's major we will call you right away.

We have the best contractors in the area hands down for you with direct pricing.

Practical Home Watch Solution
for a Practical Price

Home Watch Service for 2nd Home Owners Next to Disney World


We've been selling vacation 2nd homes since 2004 and we were constantly asked if we knew of anyone who could check on their house when away? We knew that a # of property management companies doing it but found they charged 3 times what it was worth for a simple service so we started service in 2009.

Better than cameras or alarms

Sure you could hire ADT or have 100 cameras installed. Pros are not intimidated by cameras, what is better, preventing a break in or watching it happen? Pros move fast, ADT's alarm to police may be fast but how fast will the police respond?


Our method of home protection is a preventative, it works to protect your home from wrong doers by making it look active, curing common home aging elements early before they get costly while being your eyes at the house after mother nature had a hissy fit.

Peace of Mind

If your 2nd home is broken into, will your desire to come to Orlando to enjoy it diminish due to fear or anxiety? They took more than your personal items, they took your 2nd home from you. We make homes look active, wrong doers will move on to another home that doesn't look active to avoid conflict.

Our Home Watch Service Plans & Pricing

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The Super
Duper Plan

$60 Monthly
  • Covers all above services

The You gotta
be kidding me Plan

$60 Monthly
  • Covers all above services

The plan that could
never get any better plan

$60 Monthly
  • Covers all above services

*Please note that home 3,000 square feet or larger. Service begins at $80 a month & could be more depending on the size.

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Heather and Stuart Harris


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